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About Us

Hello Amazing People!

Aplus medical scrubs was founded by Dr. Abdulghani and I in 2018. We are both busy practicing physicians. The last thing we wanted to worry about every day was what we were going to wear to work. Hence we started aplus medical scrubs to make our and our fellow healthcare workers lives easier!

We carry only the top quality brands of scrubs in our store. We understand that it is not only important to be comfortable at work, but our clothing must also be functional and look professional. But that does not mean we skip out on the style as that is equally important.

We are the only scrub store that carries a wide range of sizes, from XS to 12X. So no matter your size or style, we’ve got you covered in every way!

In 2020, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there began to be shortages in basic supplies that doctors needed to do their jobs. So we set out once again to fill in the gap and added a new category to our store. We will continue to add more supplies and more categories to provide a one stop shop for our healthcare workers.

Your job is tough enough! You don’t need to worry about what you are going to wear or where you will get the supplies needed to do your job. We’ve got you covered!

Finally, we just want to Thank You for doing what you do every day! We understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to keep the world safe and we are so ever grateful.

We hope to become and continue to be your partners in keeping the world safe.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Dr. Ahmed